Go Rad Interaction with Robin Hood Army

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! These are not just three meals but the three things that are so easily accessible to us that we don’t even think about them as they are the most basic part of our routine. We tend to not pay attention to these three things as they literally come served to us on a platter while we are busy worrying about mundane ‘first world’ problems. We may not appreciate our food and our privileges but there are those who do! These people who recognize their privileges and value their basic necessities are called ‘Robins’.

The ‘Robins’ are a part of an organization called the Robin Hood Army, which like the original Robin Hood looks after the underprivileged. The Robin Hood Army works as a Messiah for the hungry and food deprived population by making food consistently available to those who do not have access to it as the challenge is not the lack of food but the accessibility to food for underprivileged populations. The Robins are a selfless bunch of warm and enthusiastic people who collect fresh leftover food from restaurants, banquets and parties and drive throughout the night into the remote parts of India distributing the food to rural populations and helping them get a goodnight’s sleep!

Go Rad was very fortunate to be able to interact with these people and learn about their noble cause. We took one of our group of students to a village empowered by the Robin Hood Army on the outskirts of Udaipur. The Robins had organized an interactive session for the students with the children from the village in order to help our students learn about their lifestyle and difficulties. The Robin Hood Army not only distributes food among villages but also provides basic education to the village children. Our group of students engaged in an interactive card making activity with these children and to their surprise the cards were all made for each of our students! The group effort made the memories attached with the cards even more valuable. The students were very happy after their enriching experience with the Robin Hood Army as they had never experienced something like that before as they all hail from the city and come from privileged backgrounds. After hearing about the troubles that rural populations face all across the world and not just India, the students pledged that they would never waste food again, take their luxuries for granted and that they would consciously make an effort to do something good for the society in their own little way.

Thus, the Robin Hood Army was successful in making an impact on our group of students as they decided to take small steps such as ensuring that they would take small servings of food so that they don’t waste on their plate, make an effort to not litter their surroundings and always acknowledge the effort of the people making life comfortable for them by saying thank you!

The Go Rad team is very thankful to the Robin Hood Army, Udaipur, for making an impact on the lives of the students and teaching them a lesson that they will carry with them their whole lives! We hope to spread Robin Hood’s cause far and wide and make a difference to the lives of more students.

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