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Mother Earth Recouping

Social Responsibility is the Only Way of Life

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”

-John Muir

A few days before a nationwide lockdown was imposed in India, in an interesting piece for The Hindu, His Excellency President Ram Nath Kovind identified the current pandemic as a reminder of the connections we share as a society. Just as individualism was beginning to be accepted as the norm, we were shaken awake by circumstances perhaps to be reminded that it is impossible to live a life devoid of connections. In a time when relying on connections was starting to be viewed as a weakness, it was crucial for us to realise that moving away is moving in the wrong  direction. It is unfortunate, though that we had to wait for a pandemic to teach us this. However, it is never to late to mend our mistakes. It is safe to say that the society that shall emerge out of this challenge shall only be wiser, stronger and more connected.

The incredible work being done by our healthcare officials, governments, foundations are testimony to the fact that the spirit of humanity still runs strong within us. Although tasks carried out by these entities are considered as epitomes of social responsibility, we must remember that this is not the only way people are being responsible towards the society in these trying times. Social responsibility is reflected in the smallest of actions. The farmer carrying his vegetables from one door to another, the migrant labourer that chooses not to return to his native village, the citizen who agrees to not step out of their house, the little girl who agrees to forsake her evenings on the playground, are all important links in this huge network we call the society. And the sooner we start valuing these connections, the more effectively we shall start to solve the problems we face in our world.

This society is certainly not just anthropocentric, it is a combination of interactions between human and non-human nature. Notice that the previous sentence was not phrased as us and the environment; for the environment is us, and we are the environment. Quarantine has halted the human race and given it an opportunity to realise what it has been missing. Even if it is through closed doors and windows, one can notice that the Earth is finally breathing. We have it given it the time to regenerate into something closer to normalcy. It is surprising to see though, that this normalcy strikes us as something extraordinary. Are we so distanced from our environment as to be surprised by a blue sky and fresh air? This “othering” from our roots, be it from each other or what surrounds us is what we must realise when the human race is finally put in a situation where it has no control over its surroundings. The need of the hour is not necessarily for social responsibility to be exercised, but simply acknowledged.

Go-Rad Edventures takes pride in building itself on a foundation of social responsibility.  As Confucius said, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”. Through this initiative we hope that people can learn to travel taking other hearts into consideration as well. Being at the right place at the right time is simply not enough, one must also do the right thing. We aim not only to be a socially responsible company, but also a socially connected company. The love for our own kind and every other kind is what makes us a whole. So if you are wandering looking for memorable experiences, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take the time to touch a few hearts and be reminded of the connections that you and I are surrounded by.

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