Why we came into existence?

Our team comprises of avid travelers who have been all over the globe! Having had wonderful experiences themselves when they learned about the experiences of students on their school trips they realized that the trips were losing their charm and provided no value addition for the children. Thus, GoRad was created to cater to the unique needs and interests of students as well as their parents. Our excursions are not meant to simply show the place instead we connect our EDventurers with the place giving them a reason to come back and make a difference!

Two-Fold Vision

Our vision is aimed at making travel more Exciting, Enlightening and Enriching
  • A world in which the youth plays an active role as positive change-makers for the society and experiences enjoyment and learning together.
  • A world where travelers are unafraid to go beyond the comforts of their homes and experience the world in all its splendor by giving them an experience of reality and touching hearts.


Our goal is to create an environment for travelers of all ages to travel without any inhibitions coupled with providing an equal opportunity and platform for the youth to actively participate in making a difference and exploring destinations from a whole new perspective. We transform educational tours as forums for learning, exploration, and adventure where school kids get exposure to how rural communities subsist as well as the local and cultural practices that have helped them sustain and evolve over time. We aim to tap into the CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) ideology and make travel not only about leisure and recreation but also about service, adventure, and learning.

Youth all over the world is aware of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Millennium Development Goals. However, we wish to help students understand why certain issues are a part of these global initiatives and how are these issues being dealt with on ground-zero. We firmly believe that it is important to inculcate Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) in students and the younger generation in order to help them embrace it for life! We believe that each destination is unique with its own set of stories, treasures, and problems and we wish to bring those stories to life and make it a part of the experience of our travelers. It is our mission to make people aware of all the mystic beauty and heroic stories of the unsung heroes of India by showing India in a unique and new light.

Significance of the name

‘Rad’ is an abbreviation of the word radical and has replaced the words ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ among today’s generation. The significance of GoRad lies in the ideology that the younger generation’s new ‘rad’ trend should be giving back to the society and growing as individuals by making a difference to someone’s life. Therefore, we want the youth to “Go Rad” and make social awareness and responsibility the new cool.

Company Introduction

GoRad is an instrument to empower the youth and travelers all over the world by making lives exciting, enlightening and enriching. Founded by an Ex-Mayoite and enriched with the experiences of people from various professions and backgrounds we create a unique travel experience for each student.

We deliver a meaningful traveling experience combining fun, service, and learning at the same time. Our trips range from the vast expanse of the Rann of Kutch to the tribal abodes in the north-east, and from the valleys of Kashmir to the endless bounds of the Cape. We believe that India offers a vast canvas for young minds to experience, explore and enjoy the diversity while at the same time carrying lifetime learnings from countless communities, which they are not exposed to in the urban settings that they grow up in.

At GoRad we strive to add meaning to our travelers’ lives. Travel is a great means to widen horizons, experience realities and bring a change within. Therefore, we offer a unique combination of comfort, luxury, and leisure to ensure a surreal experience of reality for our customers. At GoRad travel is not only about a destination but also about the people and stories that make that destination special. India is a nation of extreme diversities with each corner filled with unique treasures and we wish to make the people aware of the greatness of our nation.