Andaman and Nicobar

Sprinkled across the Bay of Bengal, about 620 miles from the mainland, the Andaman and neighbouring Nicobar Islands are an archipelago with about 300 islands which are actually the peaks of a submerged mountain range which runs from Myanmar to Indonesia.


Imagine a place so serene and pristine that you’re afraid that even your presence might taint it.The beautiful islands of Lakshadweep are a treasure of a different kind with pristine beaches, dazzling coral reefs, friendly people, and an array of water sports.


Gujarat is one of the most diverse states in India and is an excellent destination for a GoRad EDventure as it is filled with rich, cultural heritage, religious heritage and has stood witness to some of the most significant events in India’s struggle for independence.

Madhya Pradesh

The Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, beckons you with its charm and uniqueness and is a storehouse of alluring nature, religion, history, and culture. With its rich cultural and historical heritage.


Home to the historic and revolutionary Chipko Movement and the Yoga capital of the world, Uttarakhand is a perfect destination for a GoRad EDventure! The eclectic ensemble of natural beauty, pleasant weather.



Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country, is arguably the most scenic and beautiful state of India. We at GoRad, love the State as it has a very rich cultural history which has developed through the influences of all the three major religions of the country, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

Himachal Pradesh


Karnataka is blessed with numerous historical treasures, exotic culture, stunning beaches and fascinating architectural wonders making it a perfect spot for a GoRad EDventure!


Rajasthan, or the ‘Land of the Kings’ is one of the most colourful states in India. We love Rajasthan for our Edventurers because it offers a wild concoction of culture, history, cuisine, music, and warm people who are always looking forward to welcoming you.