Few Words About Lakshadweep

Imagine a place so serene and pristine that you’re afraid that even your presence might taint it.The beautiful islands of Lakshadweep are a treasure of a different kind with pristine beaches, dazzling coral reefs, friendly people, and an array of water sports.

They are home to the most beautiful white beaches, calm lagoons, turquoise green water, clear blue sky, live coral and colourful fish. And what’s more, these islands are still largely untouched and unexplored, making them perfect for our EDventurers to get a glimpse into untouched nature in all its glory.

The Islands are famous for their rich flora and fauna marine life and live corals. In fact, ecologically, this is a very delicate region. It is highly protected by environmentalists and naturalists. Aquatic animals like turtles, eels etc make it a naturally formed marine sanctuary home. The Island boasts an abundance of pristine reefs and brightly colored corals. Scuba Diving and snorkeling in the shipwreck site and the lagoons are popular adventure activities. Our EDventurers can first hand experience the view of the colored corals and fish through glass bottom boat rides and indulge in turtle watching which is one of the never-to-be-missed activities in the Lakshadweep islands. During the island hopping experience to Parali 1 and Parali 2, there will be thousands of turtles hovering around the boats. On full moon nights, the turtles come to the shores to lay eggs. Furthermore, there is no other way to describe the sunsets of the Lakshadweep but magnificent and divine.

Therefore, Lakshadweep is the perfect destination for our EDventures to explore untouched nature!