Few Words About Madhya Pradesh

The Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, beckons you with its charm and uniqueness and is a storehouse of alluring nature, religion, history, and culture. With its rich cultural and historical heritage, Madhya Pradesh is a splendid destination for a perfect GoRad EDventure filled with meaningful learning experiences!

Madhya Pradesh is rightly referred to as a Celebration in stone. The architecture in the state is a magical mix of Hindu and Muslim styles. The intricately carved sandstone temples of Khajuraho that are mesmerizing. The Islamic architecture in Mandu is popular as Monsoon Magic! Proud fortresses of Madhya Pradesh are standing proof of its glorious past. Jain sculptures on the faces of cliffs, tribal paintings deep inside the forests give Madhya Pradesh a unique mysterious touch. Along with these there are numerous other amazing places along off the beaten tracks!

The state is home to some incredible natural attractions. The Queen’s Hill, Pachmari reserve is included among the UNESCO biosphere reserves for its unique flora, fauna and pleasant weather Pachmarhi is an exemplary example of the natural beauty of the breathtaking Satpura range. The green hills and valleys are ornate with gorgeous waterfalls and the vast Chambal valley offers a glimpe into the ancient land. The natural beauty of the state is unparalleled with its holy rivers, waterfalls and ancient rocks.

The colorful culture and delicious food such as Daal-bafla-ladoo, distinct chat-items and khoya jalebis with rabdi, add to the vibrancy and heritage of the state giving our EDventurers an insight into the local lifestyle of the people. The people are very simple, friendly and welcoming and are extremely fond of the Chanderi and Maheshwari silks.

Thus, Madhya Pradesh is the ideal spot for a vibrant and exciting GoRad EDventure!

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