Few Words About Rajasthan

Rajasthan, or the ‘Land of the Kings’ is one of the most colourful states in India. We love Rajasthan for our Edventurers because it offers a wild concoction of culture, history, cuisine, music, and warm people who are always looking forward to welcoming you. It is a perfect place for a GoRad EDventure as it provides a unique learning experience to our students because this state has witnessed history like no other state and it forts, palaces and ancient temples stand witness to its enigmatic past, thus, promising an enriching learning experience.

It is home to the maximum number of forts and palaces in India. The colossal forts and majestic palaces scattered around the state are testimonies to its glorious heritage, and shine light on its royal past. Moreover, the architectural magnificence of these structures is spellbinding.

One could explore the corridors of the hundred feet Mehangarh Fort in Jodhpur, marvel at the fabulous beauty of Amer Fort or be bewitched by the second largest wall in the world at Kumbalgarh fort.

Furthermore, Rajasthan offers a wealth of experiences and its magic lies in its sand dunes, its vibrancy in its lively folk songs and dances. Its folklore and traditional art forms date back centuries. Some parts of the state look lost in time, while some capture the glitz and glamor of modern day life with perfection. Each experience has its own uniqueness as a journey through Rajasthan lets you camp on the smooth sand dunes under the glittering skies, or wander among the ruins of a colossal fort.

Undoubtedly, we believe that Rajasthan is one of the top cultural states in India. The people here are adorned in brightly colored costumes called “angarakha” and “Ghaghara”. Cuisine of the state involves foodstuff like buttermilk, “khud khargosh” (rabbit meat), “dal baati churma”, “gatte ki sabzi”, etc. Its affinity to art and culture stems from the era of the kings whose lineage still lives on. Legend has it that these kings, mostly in the ‘Baroli’ and ‘Hatodi’ regions, were dedicated lovers of art and paintings. Rajasthan also has a rich tradition of handmade jewellery. Interestingly, Rajasthani folk culture cherishes male jewellery as much as the female jewellery – in striking contrast to the rest of the country. In addition to that, the state is widely admired for puppetry, which is considered one of the most important art forms in Rajasthan. Puppetry artists mesmerise audiences with their exceptional story telling and mastery. The puppetry native to Rajasthan is known as Kathputli,with wooden dolls operated by a single string. The region is also famous for its traditional dance forms including Kachhi, Ghumar and Gaitti.

All in all, we are big fans of Rajasthan and we promise our young EDventurers an exciting, enlightening and enriching learning experience that they will carry with them throughout their lives!

  • Chittorgarh
  • Kumbalgarh
  • Ranakpur
  • Jaipur
  • Udaipur – ‘Venice of the East’
  • Pushkar
  • Jodhpur
  • Bikaner
  • Jaisalmer