Education and Social
Entrepreneurship Enthusiast

‘You can be somebody’s miracle!’

A firm believer of the ideology that the actions of a single person can make an impact on society as a whole,Radhika strives to give back to society in her own small way. Being brought up in an urban, privileged society her will to strive has only become stronger and she wishes to burst the bubble encompassing the lives of similar privileged youth to bring them more in touch with the realities of the world as they are aware of the issues but they are unaware of why these issues exist and are given global importance.

An undergraduate from the National University of Singapore having studied Economics and Global Studies, Radhika completed her schooling from Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer where she was actively involved in service and was awarded the MCGS Trophy for Outstanding Service and Helpfulness for the same. Having been able to associate herself with service earlier on in her life, she was able to work on a diverse range of social issues. The Special Needs for Future Development Centre in Dubai, Indian Red Cross Society, India, and Ekal Vidyalaya, India have all served as learning grounds for Radhika in the past wherein she was fortunate enough to personally interact and engage with the people whose lives were being impacted by her work. She has also served as one of the Project Directors of the Red Cross Youth Society in Singapore where she strived to make an impact on the lives of the help staff and the students of her university.

A recurring concern for her has been the disconnect of the youth from the people who work behind the scenes to make their lives more comfortable and the people who do not belong in the privileged section of society. In her opinion, it is about time that the youth are made aware of the abysmal conditions outside their bubble of privilege so that they stop complaining about trivial things and take a step forward to be somebody’s miracle.
Radhika, like the youth around her, had been living in a secure, gated society unaware of the realities of life. But she had a change of heart when she visited an Ekal School in a remote part of Rajasthan, Samratpura and witnessed young children enthusiastically studying under a thatched mud roof wearing minimal clothing in the cold month of January. The warmth that she felt among those children was enough to dull the cold as they were burning with the passion to learn. When given the opportunity to teach them something new about the world she felt the admiration with which the children looked at her and realized that to those children she was their miracle because she added value to their life with a simple lesson.

Since then Radhika has been determined to enrich the lives of those who do not have the basic opportunities in life and share her passion with other young people like her. She wants to make contributing to Society the next ‘cool’ and ‘rad’ trend among the youth. Radhika believes that it is time for the youth to step up and be the miracle that our society needs!

Managing Partner
Child and Parenting Coach

A mother of two daughters, Arpana has taken life simply as one adventure after another or more correctly one EDventure after the other as each came with a meaningful learning experience. Having been a science student, her
curious mind never let her rest. Since life is not always what you plan for it to be, she ended up being the Head of Operations for a large Canadian MNC. Moving on as her daughters were growing up she decided to take a professional break in order to secure their future. She then played the role of a super mother for many years and also pursued her B.Ed degree. A firm believer in the improvement of self, she has always been keen about self development training. Once her children reached a stable age she decided to jump back into nurturing her career by launching herself in the Real Estate industry in partnership with a friend. This was the peak of her career as she achieved great success and respect in the industry.

With all the professional and personal achievements there was one thing that was a constant in her life, her passion for making our society a better place for children to grow in. Throughout her life she has been associated with various social causes, the most prominent one being Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation for which she held the post of Honorary Secretary. She is extremely passionate about bringing betterment in the lives of children and thus, has worked with prominent personalities to nurture the lives of underprivileged children living in inaccessible parts across India through Ekal.

Furthermore, to truly understand children and help parents pick the right way to bring up their children in this rampantly evolving modern era she transitioned into a new position in her career as a certified Child and Parenting coach. Her passion for making a small difference towards the betterment of someone’s life has what has inspired her to be a part of our EDventurous journey aimed towards making the youth socially conscious and responsible. Her vast experience as a corporate professional, a teacher, a certified coach and most importantly as a mother make her an invaluable asset to GoRad’s team.

Teacher and Educationist

“It is in giving that we receive.”

As an only child of educators, I was raised with the philosophy that our actions (karma) speak volumes about our character. Growing up, I was often told that every action has a reaction, so I must be careful of what I say or do. To which, I would respond: Easier said than done! However, as an adult, I understand the lessons my parents were trying to teach me. Today, I continue to pass on the same values to younger generations.

I studied at Sophia School and Sophia College, Ajmer—missionary educational institutions which left an indelible mark on me. I continue to believe in the Christian philosophy of giving generously and receiving humbly. In college, I studied English Literature and Geography, which instilled in me a love for reading, nature, travel and adventure. I believe that exploring new places and having diverse experiences are the greatest teachers. I have been lucky to travel throughout India, my home country, and abroad. By travel, I do not mean cities and urban spaces only, but also pristine or preserved natural environments.

As a teenager, I became involved in community service with the School for the Hearing Impaired run by my future in-laws’ family, where I continue to help even now. For a significant part of my adult life, I was a homemaker,
taking care of my family, aging parents and raising my two daughters. I joined Mayo College Girls’ School (MCGS) in 1989, which became a turning point in my life. Here, my dreams became reality. I explored and blended my two deep-seated interests, travel and community service, to create inspiring learning experiences for my students, of which escorting them on mid-term trips to less travelled places,like Auli, Manikaran, etc., was an integral part.

While at MCGS, my students and I built meaningful collaborations with hearing impaired and differently abled children; with orphanages, old age homes as well as villages near Ajmer in Rajasthan state. We also travelled to build homes for people in cyclone-hit areas of Orissa, coconut tree plantation in tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu and earthquake-affected areas in Gujarat.

As MCGS’ Round-Square Representative for eighteen years, I got an opportunity to work on the Pillars of Round Square IDEALS: internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. These IDEALS instilled in young minds the will to create a better world.

I believe that children today, especially those who study at prestigious educational institutions need experiences that allow them to understand their privilege as well as reflect on it and appreciate it.

I remember an incident from one of our visits to the village that we had adopted. The District Collector of Ajmer had asked MCGS girls to do a survey. One girl came up to me during the visit and said “Ma’am, this man in the village earns Rs. 4,000 per month for his family and my Reebok shoes cost that much.”

This realization of my young student allowed me to have a purposeful conversation with her and help her understand the value of setting priorities in life. The shocked expression on her face spoke volumes of the valuable lesson that she learned on that visit.

Today, as a committed educator, like my parents, I often strive to create meaningful experiences for the younger individuals that I come in contact with. I believe in our amazing capacity to create a better world if we put hands together and empower each other to step out of our comfort zones to change, grow and transform instead of trying to control each other. This is where I now channel my energy.

Education and Healthcare Enthusiast

An innovative, result-oriented leader with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare & dental domain Naresh has specialized in organizational restructuring and turnaround with strong people orientation.

His exposure to diverse professional environments in leading corporations across verticals such as veterinary pharmaceutical formulations, medical devices, dental materials and devices , herbal pharmaceuticals, consumer
products and extracts offers valuable insights for our programs. All these corporations are industry leaders in their own respective fields.

He has successfully led one of the largest Public Health interventions with a footprint covering 20% of India in terms of geography and population. The intervention was focused at bringing about transformational changes in terms of capacity building of caregivers and providers, community activation, creating access along with advocacy with central and state ministries of health in a disease area which is the second most common cause of mortality in under 5 children in India.

He also did a short stint in the express industry and successfully led the introduction of a franchisee model to increase the reach and access to customers.

Furthermore, he has undertaken brief teaching assignments at business schools to nurture his passion for education and enriching the lives of students.

Award Winning Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker

Ajay Suri is a prolific media-person with over 25 years experience.

The Indian Express, NewsX and ABP News have been among some of the media organisations he has worked in. For the past 12 years, Ajay have been making films on environment and wildlife and these have been broadcast on various platforms, including the National Geographi Channel (NGC) and the Doordarshan. One of his documentaries, A Tiger’s Heart, was aired on NGC and got him the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Environment Reporting.

In January 2020, Ajay Suri organised the immensity successful photo-exhibition ‘Wild India-Celebrating Wilderness’, which ran for seven days in New Delhi’s AIFACS Gallery. Among the several participants in the exhibition, beside Ajay Suri himself, were Padma Shree awardee Anup Shah (his photographs of the Himalayas during last 40 years remain unmatched) and internationally known Akash Das (who holds regular exhibitions at places like Paris, Miami and Hamburg. In 2013, Ernst & Young adjudged Akash as ‘one of the 10 most influential photographers of Asia.’
A number of important personalities visited the exhibition organised by Ajay Suri. These included head of WWF-India Ravi Singh, legendary wildlife film-makers Bedi Brothers, Senior IFS officer and former director of Corbett Tiger Reserve Samir Sinha, Nikon India’s managing director Sajjan Kumar, director of Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF) and celebrated Everester Ashok Abbey and many more. Both the print and electronic media gave wide publicity to the exhibition.

GoRad Buddy
Social Entrepreneurship Enthusiast

Arunabh is currently preparing for the Civil Services and aspires to become a catalyst for change at the grass-root level of India. He graduated from The Doon School, Dehradun and went on to complete his undergraduate studies from Shriram College of Commerce, Delhi University. He has been involved in several social service and microfinance activities such as being part of a Uttarakhand Flash Flood rehabilitation team as well as building schools in
Durshet Maharashtra. For his contribution to society, he has been awarded the King Constantine Medal as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Award at the global level. He has been a part of Enactus wherein he worked in the areas of Rural Healthcare, Agriculture, Water, and Manual Scavenging. His team of three people worked on an education franchising business model which was chosen to represent India in the Hult Prize One in Dubai.

Swimming is one of Arunabh’s key passions and he has also achieved recognition in the sport at a National Level. An avid writer, Arunabh expresses his thoughts on everything from global issues and technology to earthly concepts on his blog, Pull the Trigger, in poems and articles alike.

He is quite an adventure enthusiast as there are hardly any parts of Uttarakhand’s mountainous terrains that he hasn’t trekked. He loves trekking as well as traveling whenever he gets an opportunity. His experienced insight, as well as passion, would help create a unique and immersive experience for the students.

GoRad Buddy
Student and Environment Enthusiast

‘Humanity is like an ocean. If a few drops are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty’

Shivranjani is currently studying Psychology at Ashoka University as she aspires to change mindsets and perspectives by understanding their roots. She graduated from Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer in March 2019. As the former School Captain of Mayo, she has worked tirelessly towards implementing better solutions for the underprivileged communities and the village her school has been associated with as she is natively from a village. To further her passion towards uplifting the society she has worked with schools for the underprivileged in India and Africa and is
an active member of her university’s rural engagement club, Neev.

She was also an active part of the group that initiated a rural campaign tradition in her school’s annual Model United Nations conference in order to ensure that there is an empathetic and real aspect to the conference instead of just a hollow debate.

She is very passionate about the environment, football, Hindustani classical and Indian folk music. On a normal day, you would find her procrastinating. But she’s happiest when she’s in any Indian or African national park, still procrastinating. She thoroughly enjoys traveling, interacting with others’ experiences, and is always up for an